Great Expectations 3 -Things you are expected to know for the third exam in Biology 1306


1.         Be able to compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis.  Know what you start

with and what you finish with in regard to chromosome number.  Know the

difference between a haploid and diploid cell.


2.         Know what happens, and in what order, the stages are in both in mitosis and

meiosis.  Know where each occurs within an organism.  Know where homologous chromosomes separate and where chromatids separate.  Know where variability occurs in meiosis.


3.         Know the stages of the cell cycle and what happens at each stage.


4.         Know the history of genetic research such as who was

the father of genetics, how Darwin’s theories fit into what we know about genetics and what and why the first organisms were used to study genetics.


5.         Know how gametes are made from a given genotype (i.e.

What gametes can be made from an organism of genotype

AAaa or AaBB)


6.         Know how to determine blood type.


7.         Know how incomplete dominance and co-dominance differ.


8.         Know how to figure genotypic and phenotypic ratios


9.         Know how to do a monohybrid and dihybrid cross.


10.       Vocabulary






            dominant allele

            recessive allele


            crossing over








11.       Be able to compare and contrast aerobic and anaerobic respiration with regard to

            shared pathways, oxygen requirements, ATP produced, system requirements, and

            end -products.


12.       Be able to compare and contrast glycolysis, the Krebs cycle, and electron transport phosphorylation.


13.       Know where the different stages of cellular respiration occur


14.       Know the internal structures of a chloroplast in the mitochondrion


15.       Know where ATP is being used in photosynthesis and respiration and where it is being made in photosynthesis and respiration.