Biology 4355/5302 -  Understanding the Creationism-Evolution Controversy

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Galapagos Finches


  1. Cal State Fullerton: Creation and Evolution
  2. University of colorado/Creationism and evolution
  3. University of Colorado: Philosophy and the sciences
  4. Ohio State Creation and Evolution
  5. UT Dallas- see for an example of a term paper topic
  6. Biology 101 Evolution/Creation links by David Ussery from Roanoke College
  7. Peter Dodson - a Christian evolutionary biologist
  8. Dov Wisebrod's Evolution/Creation page
  9. The World of Richard Dawkins website
    1. Behe's empty box
  10. Genesis Nemesis



The Latest Creationist Strategy

  1. Irreducible Complexity:  Michael Behe and Darwin's Black Box
    1. the book and reviews
    2. Michael Behe's homepage
    3. Molecular Machines: An article summarizing Behe's arguments 
  2. Evolving Complexity
    1. Michael Behe's Empty Box: from the World of Dawkins
    2. Critique by Don Lindsay CSU
    3. How Can Evolution Cause Irreducibly Complex Systems? Don Lindsay CSU
    4. Evolving a Mousetrap from John McDonald
    5. Blood Clotting from George Acton
    7. a critique from a theistic evolutionist: Of Gods and Gaps: Intelligent Design and Darwinian Evolution by Edward B. Davis 
  3. numerous resouces from James Hoffmann and Bruce Weber CSUFullerton
  4. and don't forget Robert Pennock's The Tower of Babel



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