Student Lab Safety Instructions

Fall 2012

For Animal Physiology, (BIOL 3408) and/or Mammalogy (BIOL 4419), you must complete the laboratory safety course before the 12th class day or you will be dropped from the lecture and lab.

The training is located on Blackboard and consists of 13 sections. Each section consist of a short video and then five multiple choice questions. Students must complete each section with a score of 80% or better before they can access the next section. Once all sections are completed the student can print a copy of the certificate of completion for their records. I do not want nor require the certificates
  1. The Lab Safety quizzes are located on Blackboard. Blackboard can be found at the top of the TAMUK homepage, (next to the Blue and Gold Connection). Click on "Blackboard". Sign in to Blackboard by entering your username (also known as your ksxxx0000) and password.
  2. On the right side of the page find the section "My Courses" and select the BIOL0000 1xx 201310: BIOL Lab Safety".
  3. Next, click on Lab Safety Quizzes (located on the left hand side under Course Menu) and then choose the FIRST quiz titled "01 Orientation to Lab Safety". Click on the red tab on the right side labeled "Begin".
  4. View the video and take the quiz. After you have answered all 5 questions for each section, click on the "Submit and Save" button. To view your score click on the OK button found at the lower right side of the page. If your score is 80% or better you may click on the Lab Safety Quizzes, located on the left hand side under Course Menu and the next quiz section will open at the bottom of the page.
  5. If you want to see your answers to any quiz, click on your score. If necessary you can re-take the quiz by going back to Lab Safety Quizzes.
  6. After completing the second quiz with 80% or better, the third will open up ... and so on until all thirteen quizzes have been completed.
  7. After you have completed all 13 sections, click on the next section, "Course Finished -- Sign and Print Me!". Please fill out the certificate with your name and student number, then you may print the certificate for your records.
  8. If you experience any difficulties navigating in Blackboard, please call Ms. Shanda Kumro at 593-2745 or come by he office in the Biology building office # 106.
  9. If you are having technical problems with Blackboard, contact the iTech Help Desk at 361-593-4357.

Regardless of the activity in the lab, students must wear the appropriate clothing which includes, at a minimum closed toe shoes, long pants or long skirt and a shirt/blouse with sleeves.