Mammalogy Fall 2004 - Exam 3

Multiple Choice

  1. Whales are most closely related to
  2. Bottled-nosed dolphins and killer whales are members of the Family
  3. This family of nimble climbers of rocks and trees lives in Africa and the Middle East
  4. A stomach that ruminates is present in the
  5. In this family of small, insectivorous mammals, individuals have a long, movable snout and long hind limbs so they can hop bipedally.
  6. In this family, cranial appendages are always present in males and are variably present in females of more than one genus
  7. Horns made entirely of keratin characterize the
  8. This family is endemic to North America
  9. The most diverse family of artiodactyls.
  10. A double-pullied astragalus is characteristic of the Order


  1. Choose one example of an African or North American migratory terrestrial ungulate and discuss the advantages and function of large mammal migrations.
  2. List and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of foregut fermentation in ruminants. (5 points)
  3. List and discuss the significance of 5 most important characteristics diagnostic of the Cetacea. (5 points)
  4. Discuss echolocation in whales (5 points)

For any four of the following give order; distribution, name (common will do) (or common name for whole family if applies to all) of a member of this family with an unusual behavior, reproductive pattern, life history. Describe the behavior, etc. (5 points each, 20 points total). DO NOT REPEAT INFORMATION FROM ANOTHER ANSWER

  1. Antilocapridae
  2. Balaenidae
  3. Bovidae
  4. Cervidae
  5. Delphinidae
  6. Hippopotamidae

Discuss Diet; Feeding Adaptations, and Life History/Behavior of any 4 of the following (5 points each, 20 points total). DO NOT REPEAT INFORMATION FROM ANOTHER ANSWER

  1. Aardvarks
  2. Camels
  3. Gray Whales
  4. Javelinas
  5. Sperm whales
  6. Tapirs

Discuss the conservation issues associated with any four of the following [discuss numbers, causes, management efforts, how species differ (if there are differences within a genus or family), etc.] 5 points each, 20 points total. DO NOT REPEAT INFORMATION FROM ANOTHER ANSWER

  1. African elephants
  2. African rhinos
  3. Asian rhinos
  4. Manatees
  5. Minke whales
  6. Right whales