Mammalogy Fall 2008 Exam 3


1-5 MATCH THE CRITTER PICTURE with the correct family (2 points total, 10 points total)

  1. Antilocapridae _____
  2. Tayasuidae _____
  3. Trichechidae ______
  4. Viverridae ______
  5. Echrichtidae ______

6-10 MATCH THE CRITTER PICTURE with the term that applies to it (2 points total, 10 points total)

  1. Postpartum estrous _____
  2. Unguiligrade _____
  3. Afrothere _____
  4. Ruminator _____
  5. Graviportal _____

Multiple choice. Select the best answer (2 pts each)

  1. This family of carnivores (not including the red panda) is known only from the New World
  2. Which of the following terms best describes the ecological relationship among zebras, wildebeest, and gazelles
  3. Which of the following is a native family of ungulates of the present day Nearctic fauna
  4. A mongoose relative that is a cat ecomorph can be found in
  5. This family of carnivores contains a genus that is specialized for feeding on ants and termites
  6. Hindgut fermenters
  7. As a result of ivory poaching
  8. Which of the following comparisons between a diving whale and a diving scuba diver is valid?
  9. Which of the following is a mammal that sheds its horns every year
  10. Blue whales are able to sustain their enormous bodies with food because:

    For any three of the following: Name the Order to which it belongs. Give the diagnostic features (characters that are used to distinguish this order from other orders) of the Order. Name the Family to which it belongs. If there is more than one family in this order, give the diagnostic features (characters that are used to distinguish this family from other families in this order ) of the Family. Discuss the conservation problems and potential and/or actual solutions for survival of the species you selected (10 points each, 30 points total)

    1. Przewalski’s horse
    2. Brazilian tapir
    3. Minke whale
    4. Jaguar
    5. Giraffe
    6. West Indian manatee

    Discuss any 3 of the following (6 points each, 18 points total)

    1. Social behavior and communication in Blue whales
    2. Social behavior and communication African elephants
    3. Locomotion in pronghorn “antelopes”
    4. Feeding in humpback whales
    5. Feeding in foregut fermentors

    Discuss on any 2 of the following (6 points each, 12 points total) DO NOT REPEAT ANY INFORMATION that was included in any other question or answer or I will deduct points.

    1. Discuss reproduction and winter sleep in black bears
    2. Characterize (information such as diagnostic characters, distribution, behavior, reproduction, life history, dietary and locomotor specializations, conservation issues) a FAMILY of the Order Carnivora that occurs in TEXAS. You can use families from any of the above questions if you want
    3. Do the same for a FAMILY of the Order Artiodactyla that occurs in Texas.
  19. Answer a question of your choice. I will decide how many out of 6 points it is worth, for instance anything dealing with white tail deer will earn negative points