Reading assignments

What is a dinosaur?

  1. According to Paul Olsen
    1. Dinosaurs are a "group of reptiles that include birds and all other reptiles more closely related to birds than other reptiles."
    2. Dinosaurs have a hole through the hip socket.
  2. According to Martin (page 2), Dinosaurs
    1. are Reptile-like or Bird-like animals that are transitional from reptiles to birds.
    2. have upright posture 
      1. Fully Erect posture [Figure 1.1]
      2. Walks with legs directly under torso
      3. Bipedal and Quadrupedal
    3. Terrestrial (land dweller)
    4. Varied in size

Why study dinosaurs?

  1. According to Paul Olsen
    1. Dinosaurs were very successful.
    2. They were the dominant land animals for 140 million years. 
    3. Birds are the direct descendants of small carnivorous dinosaurs.
    4. Dinosaurs therfore are still a part of our world
    5. Through understanding dinosaurs we can also get a feel for how science works.

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