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Dr. Liu,

Associate Professor, Chemistry, TAMUK

Visiting Scholar, Chemistry, TAMU
Ph.D.: Univ. of Sci. & Tech. Beijing

Postdoctoral research fellow:
Univ. of Calgary, Dept. of Chemistry
Research Interests: Nanotechnology,
Green Energy, Sensor and Actuators
Office: 361-593-2919
Email KFJLL00@tamuk.edu

Fax:     361-593-3597


Dr. Jingbo  Louise Liu received her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, from the University of Science and Technology Beijing. She is an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry, TAMUK and a Visiting Scholar at Chemistry TAMU.

Liu's research interests focus on a number of cluster areas, which include but are not limited to: nanoscale science and technology, sensors and actuators composed of nanomaterials, green energy resources and nanocatalysts,  water and air quality control using nano-composites.

She has been awarded the 2010 Olan Kruse, 2010 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science fellow and the 2009 Faculty and Student Team (FaST) fellow jointly supported by The National Science Foundation (NSF) and The Department of Energy. She was also awarded Be All You Can Be (given to  exceptional women in the local community) and Outstanding Undergraduate General Education Faculty at TAMUK, 2009 (the first ever recipient ) and 2008 Summer Faculty Fellow in Israel Institution supported by National Foundation of Jerusalem (15 fellows world-wide and 2 from Texas). She participated in the projects (>15) supported by the NSF (USA, CHINA), NSERC, industrial  and  TAMUK as PI, Co-PI and senior personnel.

She has established solid domestic and international collaboration with the faculty, scientists and engineers from the universities, national laboratories and industry. She has operated a non-profit small business (Louise Nano Innovation) to promote female engineers, faculty and professionals in the STEM fields and to support international and minority students. She regularly review manuscripts for peer-reviewed publications and assists with proposal development, she is currently creating a new journal entitled Journal of Nanomaterials and Green Energy.She published more than 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals and 45 proceedings. She supervised students ( more than 32 minority) presenting their research discoveries in the international and regional conferences. Three master students successfully completed their degree and landed professional jobs.

CHEM 4311
Syllabus (M, W, F 11:00-11:50)
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Foundations (Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, Ch 6, Ch 7, Ch 8)

Coordinative Compounds (Ch 19, Ch 20, Ch 21)

Frontiers (Ch 23, Ch 24, Ch 25, Ch 26)