MEEN 4263/ 64 Senior Design I / II

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All lecture notes, exam reviews, etc, on this web page are for the sole use of MEEN 4263/4264 students at Texas A&M University - Kingsville.  Student projects and presentations are for reference purposes only.  All student work should be verified independently, and should not be used for other courses without written permission.


Syllabus & schedule updated 1/19/16

Tentative Team Groupings


Tentative Citgo Teams and Groupings



Weekly Status Report Template (updated 12/1/2015)


Ten rad jobs of the future (2013), What do you think of them 5 years later?



►► Checklist of things to do before end of semester  ◄◄  Updated For Fall 18!!



Tentative Senior Design Conference Schedule for Spring 2015


Useful sites to look up product info

ThomasNet Product Search ( offers robust search functionality to locate specific and often hard-to-find industrial products that might be of interest to students.  This link is included with Thomas.Net permission.


McMaster-Carr  (Here is a good Plastics Properties comparison from McMaster)

MSC Industrial Supply Co.



Fun Stuff

    A Car with a 5th Wheel for easy parking - 1950's Newsreel

    The Entabulator

    Quality Control - Nail Guns

    Stuck on an escalator? What would you do?


Basic Design Process and Schedule

Design Notes (updated Spring 2015)

Lawnmower Failure Discussion

Youtube Video on Brainstorming

Youtube VIdeo on Ranking Objectives and Decision Matrices

Another Youtube Video on Decision Matrix Creation


Trade Study Module from the Texas Space Grant Consortium


Kabloee Medical Device Design Case Study (Youtube)

Vertex Game Console Design Study (Youtube)

Job Hunting Skills / Resume Writing

   Basic Job hunting skills, resume tips

Time Management / Increasing Productivity

Peel's suggestions

Weekly Schedule Spreadsheet

Youtube: Dilbert's Time Management, How to Stop Procrastinating, Motivation!

York University Tips on time management

Muskingum College Tips for Time Management / Organization

Intellectual Property / Patents/ Trademarks/ Copyrights

TAMUS's Office of Technology Commercialization (where you can submit invention disclosure forms, etc)

States Patent Office (WWW.USPTO.GOV)

Intellectual Property Review from David Murphy

Ethics in Engineering

Online Ethics Center (@ National Academy of Engineering) This site has a number of good case studies, including the one we have discussed on the Composite Bike.  Also, they provide links to several ethics sites, and have considerable resources.

Texas Board of Professional Engineers Web Site

Ethics Law & Board Rules

Ethics Examination

Ethics Examination Answer Sheet

F06 Ethics Survey Results

F07 Ethics Survey Results

Spr08 Ethics & Salary Survey Results

Spring and Fall 2009 Ethics Survey & Job Search Survey

Material Selection

Basic notes with polymer selection added, updated

Additional notes from Wiley

Cost Estimation

Lecture Notes (updated)

Youtube video (Chem E example, with Excel add-in)

Testing Overview

Basic Notes

sample test data


Basic Concepts

Basic Analysis spreadsheet (this spreadsheet has some intentional errors)



Optimization Notes,

Optimization of a beam from square steel tubing (Spreadsheet)


Modeling and Simulation

NEiNastran Examples

NeiNastran Notes

NeiNastran Tutorial (password protected)

FEMAP 9.31 Examples (password protected)

FEMAP 9.31 Users Guide (password protected)


Skate problem statement, Skate fea model


Notes relating to dynamic analysis of plate below,  

basic plate geometry (FEMAP/ Nastran file)

Dynamic/Modal Analysis of above plate (FEMAP/ Nastran file)


Technical Report Writing

NEW - Mandatory Report "Vancouver" Reference Style

Interim & Final Report Format, Writing Hints, Resources, etc

USNA Mechanical Engineering Technical/Lab Report style guide

Virginia Tech checklist for Senior Projects (This is good!)


Sample Technical Article

Design Review Report Format, Grading Sheet, Team Evaluation Sheet

Grading Sheet for the Senior Design Review Presentation and Report

Report Format discussion, notes, suggestions

Report Template

Detailed Team Evaluation Sheet

Sample Senior Design Projects

Composite Driveshaft /Sample Senior Design Report - thanks to Chad Keys, Alex Santiago, Wesly Kinkler  

Composite Driveshaft /Sample Senior Design Presentation - thanks to Chad Keys, Alex Santiago, Wesley Kinkler


Shifty (Bulk Rice Hauler) Presentation (won 3rd place in ASME competition 2005)

Shifty (Bulk Rice Hauler) Report (Very good except the extra colons)



Tree Shark (powered brush/tree cutter)


Sample Posters / Templates

Gravity-Independent Laundry System

Small WInd Turbine (1st Semester Group, pdf)

Another 3 column template

Another 4 column template (note that they used too many bullets)

Helpful Senior Design/ Capstone Web Sites

University of Wisconsin - Madison Senior Design Web Site *

Drexel University

University of Minnesota

Brigham Young University Capstone Program